The Universal Mind Oracle Deck Review

Deck Creator: Michelle Black of Forest and Crow
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My favorite uses for this deck are: monthly pulls, meditation inspiration, journaling prompts, and connecting to the elements, crystals, and essential oils.
My favorite cards in this deck are: Acceptance, Experience Dawn, Healing/Chakras, and Solar Eclipse/The Unseen.
My most challenging cards in this deck are: The Lesson and Life Giving Nutrition.  I struggle when it comes to taking care of my body and paying attention to potential lessons, so these are areas that I'm working on with this deck.
This deck gets along best with: The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck, The Starchild Tarot, and Sacred Soul-Searching Oracle Deck.

There is something so exciting and magical about supporting a new deck during its pre-order phase.    You are helping create this deck!  When my boyfriend and I saw the artwork for the Universal Mind Oracle Deck on Kickstarter, we both fell in love.  He actually backed this project as a gift for me.  This is the deck that sparked my love for oracle decks.  Let's get into a quick review of this deck and its virtual guidebook!

There is one thing that I would change about this deck: the size.  It's a lot larger than what I consider a "classic" deck size.  The image above shows one of the Universal Mind Oracle Deck cards with a Wild Unknown card placed on top to show you how much bigger this deck is than other decks.  I tried trimming one of the introduction cards that came with this deck, but it ended up a little rough.  It's not a total dealbreaker to me, but it does make it difficult to shuffle this deck in a traditional way.  Like I said, not a dealbreaker, just a heads up!

We all know that how you connect to a deck almost entirely relies on the artwork.  This artwork was easy for me to connect to, especially because there are tons of rich colors, overlays, and so many moons!  What's amazing about the deck is that I can seriously immerse myself in the worlds or stories of each card.  This is my favorite deck for intuitive reading because I can use my own energy and combine it with the energy of the world in each card.  I can actually see myself in each card.  Seriously, they're that magical.

You've probably noticed that some of the cards have just one meaning or keyword, while others have one\two keywords.  Even though I don't love the \ marks (seriously just a personal preference), I absolutely love that there are a couple meanings right there on some cards.  They always support each other and serve as an extra prompt for the story of each card.

Another heads up for people interested in purchasing this deck: the guidebook is a PDF that you can download and refer to as needed.  At this time, a physical guidebook is not offered.  I printed mine at home because there is a lot of information that I wanted to quickly find and I prefer physical guidebooks as opposed to electronic guidebooks.

Each card has its own page with a brief message about the card, keywords, and the card's element, essential oil, and crystal correspondences.  I really love the bottom section with the information just listed out because it does help me better connect with the card that I've pulled.  The guidebook also has an appendix with rituals, such as meditation and morning routines, and references, such as moon phase meanings and nature divination.

Overall, I really love and feel connected to this deck.  If this deck was smaller and had a physical guidebook, it would travel with me everywhere I go!  It isn't impossible to travel with it and you could absolutely just download the guidebook to your phone, but it's just a little bulky for my on-the-go cartomancy needs.

Do you have this deck?  What are your favorite cards?  Your favorite uses for this deck?

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  1. Okay, I'm definitely ordering this deck now. I'm IN LOVE with this artwork and wanting to use my Wild Unknown deck a bit more... I think this would be the perfect companion for it! Thank you so much for posting a review <3


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